8 Reasons Why You Should Play Badminton

1. Calorie burner - Melting through 3-400 calories per hour, this is not a sport for the lazy. Not only are you running around, but you have to produce powerful swings that can shoot the birdie - or in professional terms, the shuttle - at speeds of up to 200km/hr. The currently highest recorded smash reached a whopping 332km/hr. That takes some serious strength!

2. Low impact - A popular sport for all ages, badminton is very low impact. The biggest risk you take is stumbling on your own feet and taking a tumble to the floor. Many people who have come back from serious sports injuries invest their time in badminton and are pleasantly surprised; maybe you will be too!

3. Work on those reflexes - Badminton is a game that requires lightning-fast reflexes - with the shuttle traveling as fast as we talked about above, it’s no surprise! Not only will you improve your reflexes, but also hand-eye co-ordination.  

4. Easy to learn - The rules aren’t hard and the community is welcoming; if you steer clear of sports that rely on complicated guidelines, you might want to give badminton a chance. The basics are learned in minutes - making it enjoyable from the get go!

5. Competitive? Check - It’s not all fun and games. If you weren’t surprised by this point, the highly competitive nature of professional badminton may make you question what you thought you knew about this sport. While casual play is quite friendly, competitive clubs can be cutthroat.

6. Agility like a cat - Along with speedy reflexes, your ability to zip around the court comes in handy during a game of badminton. If you’re not light on your feet, you’re in for a lesson or two!

7. Become a social butterfly - Join a club and you might be pleasantly surprised at how friendly and social it is. New players often go home after their first meeting with a growing list of new companions. It’s one of the most welcoming sports communities out there!

8. Fun for the whole family - Unlike many sports, badminton can be played at all levels and at all ages! Take to the court for a fun or competitive family match with your kids and you’re sure to have an absolute blast!

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