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8 Sports You Should Try At Least Once

by Sarah Campbell October 15, 2015

We all get a little tired of the same old workout, the same old gym. Why not try one of these exciting sports that just might spark a new interest for you? Even if some of them are once-in-a-lifetime!

Ultimate Frisbee - This is certainly a full body workout that can be done in the gym or outside. A great team sport, you may leave a game with some newfound friendships as well as sore muscles.

Water Polo - If you enjoy swimming, you should try your hand at water polo. Moving through water as a team makes this sport unique and a way to spice up your pool time!

Horseback Riding - The thrill of sitting atop a large, powerful animal can feel freeing, particularly for those of us who spend our workout time in the gym

Bungee Jumping - Perhaps more of an adrenaline rush than a sport, bungee jumping is one of those thing you just have to try… at least once in your life.

    Archery - This one switches up your regular routine. Many cities have indoor and outdoor archery, making it a great year-round sport. Plus, loosing arrows can feel pretty darn cool.

        Scuba Diving - Vacationing? Try out scuba diving! You’d be surprised at how much swimming around can work your muscles. And the landscape is pretty awesome too!
          Rock Climbing - Indoors, outdoors - rock climbing is a flexible sport that challenges your mind and body. Oftentimes, getting to the top requires extreme determination and a lot of upper body strength.
            Dirt Biking - If you’re a fan of cycling, dirt biking might be something you should try out. It’s a little extreme for some, but gives you more of an adrenaline rush than taking your regular bike out for a spin.

          Sarah Campbell
          Sarah Campbell

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