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Is Cricket the Sport for You?

by Sarah Campbell October 15, 2015

Cricket is well known as a sport that can literally go on for days without stopping. Some say that it’s also well known as one of the more boring sports in existence. However, with over a billion fans in India alone, we decided to give it a chance and take a look at what could make cricket the sport for you.  

Improve Endurance - There’s a lot of running in cricket. In fact, it’s mostly based in running, and it’s well known that games can go on for hours on end. This makes cricket a great sport for endurance, particularly when it’s played outside in more extreme weather conditions.

Co-ordination - Hitting the tiny ball with your bat may seem easy, but when the ball is smaller than a baseball the task it not an easy one. Having the balance and hand-eye coordination to complete such a feat is no simple task and makes it a valuable skill in and out of the field.

Communication - Knowing your teammates and being able to communicate well with them is essential in the game. Not only within a match, but honing your communication skills carries on well outside in the real world. Having great communication is essential in all jobs and careers!

Team work - Having great teamwork skills in invaluable in and out of the game. Building relationships and team skills will aid long term success -  and knowing how to work well with others will get you far in life.

Patience - Patience is a virtue, one that’s sometimes necessary when watching or spectating a cricket match. This is often a slow-burn game, which can make the final result extremely rewarding for players and attendees. Having the patience to make it to the end is not a feat for everyone, and is often what makes cricket such a valuable sport for young people to learn and enjoy.

Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell

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