The Best Contact (High Intensity) Sports

The issue with making a list about the best high intensity sports is that that same ones always dominate - hockey, football, and basketball. We set out to create a list that didn’t include these extra popular sports but still held true to the title. Here are our top 5 contact sports:

Rugby - This one almost made our ‘too popular to include’ list but it managed to sneak off to the main list - it’s just not as popular globally as the others. Rugby is one of the world’s most violent team sports - many compare the physical intensity to football but without the padding. This sport is for you if you don’t mind the odd broken bone or bloody nose and if you like building companionship and loyalty with your teammates.

Dodgeball - Often viewed more of a game than a sport (argue with the National Amateur Dodgeball Association if you believe that), dodgeball is all about anticipation and fast reflexes. Try dodging a ball that’s being thrown at you at a speed of 128 km/h and see if you have what it takes to play in the big leagues.

Field Hockey - While it is like its more popular cousin, field hockey is a sport on its own. Using small, rounded sticks players hustle the tiny ball into the opposing team’s net. The great thing about this sport is that it can be played year round - and it’s a welcome change for some from the ice.

Wrestling - You can’t get more contact than wrestling! It’s not a common go-to for many sports fanatics outside of WWE but it is a sport to experience for yourself. If you enjoy other martial arts, you are sure to enjoy this variation. Be prepared to get a little beaten up if it’s your first time playing - it’s also very intense to spectate!

Rodeo - Bet you didn’t see this one coming! While rodeos are much more common in certain areas of North America, there’s a surprising amount of indoor simulators to try your hand at. It’s exhilarating and highly dangerous, even if you manage to outlast your animal opponent. How long can you stay on a 2,000+ pound bucking bull?  


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