The Best Home Workout

Whether you’re a parent who can’t find a sitter or you work from home and don’t have the time for the gym, these great exercises will keep you in shape. No weights or equipment required - and depending on the time you allot, you can increase reps for a longer workout or decrease for something as short as 10 minutes. Its flexibility makes this the perfect workout for anyone at home. Modify as needed for the time you have and the intensity you want to build towards!

Squats - Keeping your feet about hip-distance apart, lean slightly forward and bend at the knee. Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes! If you’re having troubles getting it right, try starting with a “sitting” motion with a chair underneath you. Don’t actually sit down, simply tap the chair and stand back up again. Start off with 10-12 reps and build towards 20.

Bicycle Crunches - Start in the typical crunch position, then alternating legs bring one at a time up towards your chest and then stretch out to a straight position. If your right leg is towards your chest your left leg should be stretched out, parallel to the floor (but don’t touch the ground!) As you bring your right leg up to your chest, crunch across your body and touch your left elbow to your right knee. As your right leg stretches out, bring your left leg up and crunch you right elbow towards your left knee. Start with 10-12 reps and build towards 20.

Push-Ups - Lie on your stomach with your arms bent and tucked in towards your chest. Push up, making sure your body is flat (avoid slumping towards the ground!) and come back down so that your body is almost touching the ground. Repeat. If you struggle with push-ups, try doing the modified version - the same position, but simply drop your knees to the ground and push-up from there. Try 10 reps, build to 15-20.

Step-Ups - Using stairs or a solid raised surface, bring your right foot up to rest on the stair. Step up with your left leg so that both feet are on the same surface, then step down with your right leg and follow suit with your left. Try for 15 reps, build to 30 (or 15 with weights).

Jumping Squats - Start in a squat position, and jump into the air. Land in the same squat position. For increased intensity, try to jump as high as possible in the air with each rep. Start out with 10 reps, build to 20.

Plank - Finish off with a plank - get into a push-up position, but lean on your forearms with your elbows tucked in. This will work your core strength to the max! Start off with 30 seconds and build towards 1 minute. Really push yourself and go for as long as possible! If you find yourself letting go at 35 seconds, don’t let yourself relax until you hit 40.

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