1] How long does it take for my order to arrive?
All of our products ship the next business day and usually arrive between 2 -5 business days. 
2] Where are your itFit Bands and our other products made?
All of our headbands are made outside of New York City in the United States of America. The other products are produced in different countries around the world.
3] How do I determine the headband size I need?

Use a tailors tape or a string and measure around your head. Once you have your measurement refer to our sizing chart. Click HERE . Both 'Reg' and 'M' are the same size; it is just different packaging.

3] What are itFit Bands made of?

Our headbands are made from a propriety combination of spandex/lycra blend. This fabric is extremely absorbent and retains its elasticity even after daily use. It is designed to get wet; so do not worry.

4] How many different ways and widths can I wear an ItFit Band?


  • Wide – 6” under the ear
  • Wide – 6” over the ear
  • Medium – 3-5” over the ear
  • Medium – 3-5” under the ear
  • Narrow – 2.5” under the ear
  • Narrow – 2.5” over the ear
  • Reverse - label forward
5] Are itFit Bands machine washable?
Yes! But make sure to air dry, do not dry in the dryer!

6] Do you accept returns and issue refunds?
Within 30 days you can return our products for any reason with the exception of itFit Mats and Entire Comfort Body Pillows (for health reasons). If you need to return an item to us here is the best way to do that. Please follow the instructions exactly. Send returns to itFit Returns, 2251 Constitution Ave.,Olean, NY, USA,14760. Make sure that all the headbands are in their packaging and that you return the packing slip so that we know who to refund when it arrives. Please make sure that all items are as flat as possible in the envelope; spread them out in the envelope if necessary. Use the United States Postal Service (USPS) and send to the below address. They pickup right from your home. For 1 Headband; Put it in a regular envelope and send with regular postage 49 cents. For 2 Headbands; Put in a big envelope and put $1.20 in stamps. For 3 and 4 Headbands; Put in a big envelope and put $1.42 in stamps. For 5 Headbands; Put in a big envelope and put $1.64 in stamps. For 6 and 7 Headbands; Put in a big envelope and put $1.86 in stamps. For 8 Headbands; Put in a big envelope and put $2.08 in stamps. For 9 and 10 Headbands; Put in a big envelope and put $2.30 in stamps. Due to health issues; we do not accept returns on itFit Mats or Entire Comfort Body pillows.
7] How much is shipping?
If you spend over $39.00 your shipping will be free for the lower 48. Free shipping is not available for International, Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories orders. Canadian customers can order on www.itfit.ca and get free shipping from this Canadian site as well as pay in Canadian dollars.

8] How long does it take to process my order?

All orders are processed and shipped the next business day (unless stated otherwise). You will get a separate tracking number if order Entire Comfort Full Body Pillow and any product.

9] What is your itFit band guarantee?

We know that the itFit Band is the world’s best fitting headband. We guarantee that your headband will not slip. If for some reason it does, contact us and we will exchange or refund your purchase. Keep in mind the headband must be worn the correct way to benefit from the non-slip feature. Our headband is designed for the active lifestyle. It works by absorbing your sweat and uses that sweat to keep it in place. It takes a couple minutes of wearing the headband before the non-slip kicks in.  When the product is new it needs to be worked in for about 15 minutes of wear before you see the non-slip benefits. We do not offer returns on opened itFit Mats because of health reasons.

10] How do I contact you?
Contact us by e-mailing us at support@itfit.com

11] Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, contact us through e-mail at support@itfit.com  

12] How is the itFit band different from other headbands?

The itFit Band is a unique 7 in 1 headband! Unlike many designer headbands the itFit Band does not slip or pop off no matter what you're doing. The itFit Band is made of a unique material that is extremely absorbent and retains its elasticity even after regular use. 

13] Do you sponsor fundraisers? 
Yes we do! If you have a fundraiser that you think we might be interested in sponsoring contact us at: support@itfit.com