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itFit Rack

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  • A bike rack that installs in less than a minute & comes off in seconds without leaving a mark.

    Do you hate bulky, permanent bike racks that just destroy the look of your vehicle and take forever to install? The itFit Rack is the future of bike racks. This rack is attached to your vehicle with three powerful vacuum cups on the front (each cup having 210lb of pull strength) and one vacuum cup for the back tire. For the adventurous types, the itFit Rack is small enough to toss in your carry-on or bike bag and strong enough to go drifting with. This is the easiest most compact bike rack in the world to install, fits on any vehicle, and removes off in seconds without making a mark. You can install it on the roof, trunk, back glass and don't worry if you have a sunroof because the itFit Rack adheres to that too!

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  • Strong & Durable- itFit Vacuum Cups can withstand (210 lb. pull-strength rated each) 4 vacuum cups are built into the itFit Rack ensuring your bike is stuck on.

    Designed for 1 Bike- Can hold one bike up to 45 lbs.

    Made For Any Flat Surface- Can be attached to roof, trunk, sunroof, glass, metal, or fiberglass.

    itFit Vacuum Cups- itFit Vacuum Cups are designed to handle a lot of pull and force and are engineered to keep you bike securly attached to your vehicle.

    Compact Design- Approx 15" x 13" footprint and weighing in at only 6lbs this rack can travel with you anywhere you go.

    Easy Installation- The itFit Rack installs in less than a minute and comes off in seconds. Just take it out of the box and go!

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    Installs in less than a minute & comes off in seconds without leaving a mark, itFit Rack is perfect for any vehicle that you do not want to destroy the look of. The sleek fork-mount-style rack will have you turning heads and most importantly is not permanently attached to your vehicle so you can use it only when needed.


    Designed to withstand 210lb of pull strength per cup and made with four vacuum cups this rack is not going anywhere. The itFit Rack can hold bicycles up to 45 lbs, and can withstand even that harshest of weather conditions.



    The itFit Rack was designed to not affect the look of your vehicle but be able to withstand so much force that you can go drifting with it. The suction cups are so powerful you can hang on your bike while it is stuck to your car and so small that you can toss it in any bike bag or carry on. The itFit Rack is the bike rack reinvented, and the future of bike racks!

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