SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds

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SoundPro Wireless Sport Earbuds


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Wireless sound reinvented for athletes.

We’ve originally challenged ourselves to develop a wireless earbud specifically designed for athletes, but in the end created something that is much more remarkable. SoundPro uses the latest in Bluetooth® 4.1 technology, delivering a flawless audio experience. Our one of a kind anti-slip sport ear fins are custom sized to specifically fit your ear size, making sure not fall out no matter how hard you sweat. Premium sound quality + unbelievable bass is housed into two tiny buds and there is up to 5.5 hours of playtime on one charge. CVC® noise canceling audio ensures the best possible audio quality when on calls and because of the wireless capabilities you can have a crystal clear conversation while you are on the run. SoundPro Buds were designed for athletes and made for winners. Scroll Down ⇩ to Learn More!

    • Pairs Easily- Pairs easily to any iPhone, Android or Bluetooth® device. This included the NEW iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus!

      5.5 Hours Battery Life - SoundPRO lasts an astonishing 5.5 hours on one charge, all packed into two tiny buds.

      Sport Ear-Fins (Non-Slip)- We’ve included a variety of customizable ear-fin options to specifically cater to your ear, making sure you will have a comfortable and secure fit

      Built in Controller - Listen to music, change songs, answer + end calls with the built-in controller.

      CVC® Advanced Audio- CVC® advanced audio enhancement improves call quality & voice calls

      Durable & Lightweight-- The durable and lightweight design can handle even the toughest of workouts.

      Sweat-Proof-- These buds were designed specifically for athletes and can handle the sweat.

      Designed for Athletes-- Our custom ear-fins lock into your ear making sure your buds don’t fall out no matter how fast you go.

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Sound Pro buds were developed to excel an athlete's performance through the power of music. These buds have special custom non-slip sport ear-fins which prevent them from falling out even during the most intense training. There is exceptional bass + premium sound quality and advanced CVC® audio all housed in two tiny buds.


Either your training, running, biking or simply walking our ant-slip sport ear-fins make sure your buds stay in place no matter how hard you sweat. Engineered and sized perfectly to tuck in the crevice of your ear, our fins prevent any chance of your buds falling out when you are on the go. We’ve included a variety of customizable ear-fin options to specifically cater to your ear, making sure you will have a comfortable and secure fit.


We realized the importance of music and athletic performance so we set out to design ear buds that can handle strain an athlete will put them through. These buds are made to handle whatever you throw at them and were designed to endure fast paced motion without falling out of your ear. Once you connect and lock our custom ear-fins in your ear you can ensure these buds won’t go anywhere.