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Improve your golf swing

The SpeedPath was developed to help you do two things, hit it longer and hit it straighter!

This is accomplished by doing 2 things:

1. Trap the Ball- Catch the ball and then the turf. Create a nice crisp divot, hit it solid with great trajectory and phenomenal spin. The Polycarbonate base tells you instantly if you are scooping the ball or hitting it fat.

2. Swing On-Plane- When you learn to swing the club between the Speed Rods, your club will be on plane and on path. Great for eliminating a slice or hook and ultimately leading to straighter longer shots.

Also, an incredible tool for chip and pitch shots. This is a fun challenge that you simple have to try!

Works for Right and Left handed players (rotate the rods).

Travel with confidence.

Meet the perfect carry-on, GlideBag™ - carefully crafted for the modern traveler. Our luggage is unbreakable, water-resistant and guaranteed for LIFE. When traveling your luggage is your home away from home. Don't let poorly made luggage get in the way of you seeing the world.


  • Exterior measurements 56cm x 37cm x 23cm

    Weight 3.6 kgs

    Capacity 36L

    (in compliance with major airlines carry-on size policy)

    • Down to the Details

      • Front pocket (bold) opens at 30° for your belongings that need to be easily accessed, especially useful when going through security
      • The Main Pocket (bold) - Fully opens with two sections, one for your shoes and clothes and a covered area for your personal belongings.
      • Unbreakable & Anti-Scratch Bayer 3-layer Outer Shell
      • TSA-approved combination zipper lock
      • 360° silent, durable wheels
      • Adjustable 4 lever handle
      • 7 front padded pockets for your electronics
      • Interior compression system

    • Always FREE Shipping + Returns

      We don't beleive in paying for Shipping! So, Shipping is 100% FREE! We’re confident you’ll love your new GlideBag™. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, we'd love to help. Returns and exchanges are also FREE!


    We are so confident in build & quality of our GlideBag™ that we are offering a FREE Lifetime Warranty to back it up!

    Easy Access Front Compartment

    7 Electronic Padded Pockets



    When developing GlideBag™ our goal was to make traveling as easy and convenient as possible. That's why we created the revolutionary 30° Crushproof Front Pocket. Now you can access your belongings in seconds when going through security without having to open up your entire bag. The Front Pocket can also fully open to make packing easier.


    GlideBag is made from a 3 layer 100% crushproof polycarbonate that is able to whistand the toughest of travel conditions. We have a LIFETIME warranty to back it up!


    Two sets of TSA zipper locks at the top of GlideBag™. One for the Main Pocket and one for the Front Pocket. Travel securely.